What Is Bull Fight Card Game? Tips For Winning

Bull Fight card game is a fairly popular form of card playing today at online bookmakers. This is also considered the most popular card game using 52 Western cards today. The uniqueness in scoring and betting odds will definitely bring you the best experience. Let’s find out with bookmaker 55bmw through today’s article.

What is the Bull Fight card game?

What is the Bull Fight card game?

If you are someone who regularly experiences online card games, you will see that Bull Fight card game has a similar gameplay to Poker. Poker, also known as Poker, is also loved by many people. 

Bull Fight card game also has many other names. Such as Niu Niu or Bull Bull. Regardless of the name, they all have the same rules for arranging cards and calculating points. Accordingly, when participating in the game, each person will be dealt 5 cards and must arrange them into different piles. 

Players can arbitrarily arrange the cards into different piles. How to make the total of 3 cards a multiple of 10. If this condition is fulfilled, then continue adding the points of the remaining 2 cards to determine the winner or loser. The winner is the person with the highest score of 2 cards. When winning, the player will receive a reward according to the house’s policy. On the contrary, if you lose, you will lose your entire initial capital. 

To put it simply, this card game has the typical gameplay of a 52-card Western card game plus the cards dealt to calculate wins and losses. 

Details about Bull Fight card game betting rules

Details about Bull Fight card game betting rules

Before participating in the card-telling game at 55bmw Casino, you need to understand in detail how the cards are dealt as well as the betting rules. 

Deal the cards coolly to see the cards

After the player has finished betting, the system will begin distributing cards to the player. You can choose to open the lesson directly. Next, combine the cards to find the number of bets.

From 5 cards, the player will choose 3 cards that are multiples of 10. The remaining 2 cards will add points together. If the total of these 2 cards is greater than 10, choose the number of units as the standard.

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In Bull Fight card game, 10, J, Q, K are counted as 10 points.  Card A counts as 1 point. The other cards will be scored corresponding to the number of that card. After the combination is complete, 55bmw Casino will begin comparing points with players. Thus, your doors will not be able to compare cards with each other. 

Each player will have about 11 seconds to start playing cards or choose to open cards directly. When the card turns up 2/3, the system defaults to the card being opened. 

Order of bets in online Bull Fight

Below is how to arrange the Bull Fight card game cards in order from smallest to largest. Specifically:

– 0 Cool: The sum of any 3 cards is not a multiple of 10. 

– Cool: The sum of 3 cards is a multiple of 10 and 2 cards count. The total score of these 2 cards is from 1 to 9. 

– Bull Fight: Gathering 3 cards and gathering 2 cards both have a total that is a multiple of 10. 

– Four of a kind: 4 of the 5 cards are human-shaped cards and the sum of these cards is a multiple of 10. That means the 5th card is 10. 

– Western year: All 5 of these cards are human-shaped cards. 

– Bomb: 4 of the 5 cards are the same and the remaining card can be any card. 

– Cool year: All cards are under 5 points. At the same time, their total is less than or equal to 10 points. This is considered the largest card combination. 

The latest way to play Bull Fight card game at 55bmw Casino

In fact, Bull Fight 55bmw Casino is widely participated by many people. Because the betting hall is invested and has a high payout rate. At this house there are many different betting rooms. Therefore, it is suitable for the abilities of many members. If you are a new member, you can try the most basic game room. On the contrary, if you are a professional player, you can choose to go to expert or expert game rooms.

At each such betting table, there are different regulations on the maximum bet amount as well as the minimum bet amount. Therefore, you can choose extreme levels such as 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X… Then, the system will start dealing cards to members. When playing here, the system will automatically combine capacitors so the accuracy reaches 100%. 

Therefore, after placing your bet, you just need to count the cards again and wait for your reward. After you show your cards and start calculating points, your winnings will be added to your member account. 

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Each such bet usually only lasts 10 – 20 seconds. So, you can freely participate in many different games. At the same time, players can also track previous betting history in detail. 

Experience playing Bull Fight for newbies

Experience playing Bull Fight for newbies

Bull Fight card game is considered an entertainment service with simple gameplay. However, to be able to win bets, you should refer to the interesting experiences below. 

Understand the betting rules and how to calculate Bull Fight card game points

 The rules of Bull Fight are not difficult. However, you must understand in detail. Because, if you don’t know the rules of the game, you will be extremely confused when starting. Especially remembering the wrong order of upper and lower limbs will cause you to quickly lose money. 

There are playing strategies and card arrangements

Referring to the strategy of playing Bull Fight card game, many people are interested. In fact, each person needs their own playing strategy. That means you need to have your own rules of play, betting methods, and limits. If you are a new player, you should not invest too much capital in the first few games.

Instead, you can play with a small amount of money and observe how other members play. Along with that, while playing, no matter how much or how little you win, you should not try to play. Controlling your emotions and capital well is also one of the good strategies.

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