What is a penalty bet, information about side bets in football

The penalty bet is a type of extra time bet and has a strangely attractive appeal that attracts many bettors when participating in betting. Join jilievo.org.ph to learn with us.

What is a penalty bet from jilievo?

If asked about which sport has the most bets today, field football is probably always ranked first, right? From penalty card bets, total goals bets, yellow card bets or red card bets and even penalty bets, jilievo has everything in soccer sports.

The name of the penalty bet that jilievo often hear mentioned by referees and fans around is also known as the penalty bet. The penalty bet is an 11-meter ball bet that only appears at the end of each match when the two teams cannot decide the winner or loser with a draw.

So not every match has a penalty bet, but bookmaker jilievo will have to consider the situation of the two teams in order to be able to offer a suitable penalty odds. With this penalty kick decision, each team will normally have 5 penalty kicks in order of each striker playing one against the goalkeeper.

And when the team with the most free kicks scored against the opposing team will be considered the winner. But if the first penalty kick is still tied, the match will continue with the second and third penalty kicks until one team wins, then stops.

Popular forms of penalty bets

At the online bookmaker, there are many types of betting for jilievo bettors to choose from when participating in this attractive Penalty bet. If you are wondering what types of Penalty betting these are, let’s take a look with our jilievo experts, a reputable bookmaker.

Bet on which team will win the Penalty half

One of the types of Penalty bets that is quite familiar to many jilievo bettors and many other players is the bet on which team will win after completing these 5 penalty kicks. With this type of bet, jilievo bettors will have to judge which team is likely to go far and win in these penalty bets and then place money as you like.

Bettors will have to observe which team is in the upper and lower odds to place a bet

Penalty over/under bet

Many ave asked of why in the Penalty Bet there is an over/under bet here, right? The reason there is an over/under Penalty bet is because according to regulations, each team will have 5 kicks from a distance of 11m, the total of 2 teams will be 10 kicks.

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Instead of jilievo observing and choosing to bet on which team will win in the end in this Penalty football match, jilievo will only need to choose how many goals will be scored by the two teams. Just come back with an over or under number to calculate the score.

Depending on the regulations on the odds set by the bookmaker jilievo, bettors will be able to decide over or under. But usually, if jilievo predicts that out of 10 penalty shots, 7 or more will be scored in the net, the person who bets on Over will win. And vice versa, if the total number of balls is less than 7 balls, it will be considered an under bet at the online bookmaker.

Penalty sports handicap betting at jilibet

Finally, in the list of popular Penalty handicaps, the name Penalty handicap cannot be ignored by jilievoplayers. With this type of bet, similar to the analysis of jilievo experts at the beginning, the team whose strength is assessed to have stable performance will be placed in the upper handicap team and the other team will be in the lower handicap. .

And when participating in this Penalty handicap, jilievo will also decide at the bookmaker whether to bet on the upper or lower handicap team to win in this Penalty extra time set.

If jilievo bettors are of the opinion that with a 50/50 bet like this Penalty bet, you can bet on any team, then stop thinking right away. Let our jilievo experts tell you the following things to keep in mind to easily win spectacularly.

Firstly, jilievo players will have to spend some time to find out information about who the team they choose will win the bet, what form they have had in the past matches, and which striker is capable of aiming at the goal. most opponents… to make accurate predictions for yourself.

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